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Top 5 things to consider when selecting your IT support provider in Cardiff

Whether you’re seeking to outsource your whole IT operations, or just want a little help here and there, there are a number of key things to consider.
There are an abundance of IT support providers throughout Cardiff and surrounding local areas, however not all of them will necessarily suit your business needs. Below we talk through the top 5 things we think you should consider when choosing your IT support provider.

1. Services offered

A key factor in deciding which IT support provider in Cardiff you’d like to partner with is understanding whether they provide the full set of services you’re seeking. Are you looking for a Cardiff provider that offers hardware as well as software solutions? Will you also need someone on-hand to cover staff in cases of illness and holidays? Would you be wanting help with specialist IT projects in the future?

If you’re looking for a local IT support provider that offers any or all of the IT services above, it’s important you gather all the necessary information regarding the depth of their services, so you can understand how they’ll meet your IT needs.

2. Budget

Probably one of the most important factors when deciding on which Cardiff IT support provider to use is budget. You need to make sure you can get the services you need within the budget you have available. Not only this, but you also need to make sure you’ll be getting value for money. Whilst some IT providers may offer cheap services, they may not be the quality you’re after for your business. For example some Cardiff IT businesses may provide cheap anti-virus software, but this software may not be as extensive as you need if you have staff members working remotely.

It’s important to weigh up the value of the services offered vs your available budget to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

3. Size of the IT support business

Another thing to consider when deciding on which Cardiff IT support business you want to work with is the size of that business. You need to make sure they can offer you the IT support you need without hampering the quality of service. Working with an IT business too small will likely result in much too slow response times, whereas working with IT business too large will probably result in premium pricing for services.

The ideal situation would be working with an IT support partner that can offer a dedicated account manager, ensuring quick communication routes for IT issues to be solved efficiently, at an affordable price.

4. Quality of partners

IT support businesses throughout Cardiff will work with a range of partners to provide customers with certain software and hardware solutions, such as anti-virus and laptops/computers. Not all of their partners will be well known corporations like Microsoft and HP, however that doesn’t mean that they won’t be quality products or solutions.

If you’re unsure about the quality of software or hardware solutions an IT support business provides, heading online will likely provide you with further information you might like to know about these brands.

5. What customers have said

When looking for a Cardiff-based IT support business, it can be difficult to know the quality of IT solutions and services they offer. One way to find out how their current customers feel about their services would be to take a look at any of their case studies (if they have them), and other reviews. This will give you an insight not only into other services they could offer your business, but also the quality of their IT support engineers. Also from understanding the variety of industries they work with, you can better understand how they might be able to meet your business’ IT requirements.

A good IT support provider will offer your business value for money, quality services at affordable prices. They should also give you peace of mind that your IT operations will continue to run smoothly. When choosing a Cardiff-based IT support provider, consider the five points above to help you make an informed decision, and never be afraid to ask a potential choice for further information, that way you can compare offerings to ensure you make the right choice for your business.