Cyber Attack


“Simply put, Amitech managed a significant network issue from start to finish with a prompt and technically focused service, thereby preventing it from affecting the business – left unchecked, this would have been a very different outcome.”

Neil Farrow | Director

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South West Geotechnical provides comprehensive site investigation and consultancy services for planned developments across the South West and further afield. Since its founding in the 1980’s, they have gained a number of notable credentials to show their care and commitment for providing quality services. With clients wanting results quickly and efficiently, much of their work is time-sensitive and a crucial factor before any potential building-work begins.

Their needs

One Friday, South West Geotechnical began to notice some issues with their server and immediately contacted Amitech IT for help. Amitech IT had already been alerted to these issues via their proactive monitoring platform, and asked the Managing Director of South West Geotechnical, Neil Forrow, to check the server. It was then evident that the server had been compromised and they were partway through a ransomware attack.

Our solution

Amitech IT proceeded to walk Neil through the initial steps needed in order to prevent the cyber-attack from spreading any further and hurried to the South West Geotechnical site to take over from there. Once they had arrived, Amitech IT assessed the situation before contacting the incumbent backup provider.

48 hours later, the South West Geotechnical server was completely clean, and the business became operational again. The majority of data was recovered, with only a few non-essential pieces of data lost.


As a result of the cyber-attack, South West Geotechnical decided it was best to purchase the backup and disaster recovery software, ShadowProtect. ShadowProtect is award-winning software by StorageCraft, and ensures businesses are fully protected from disruptions, and allows for data to be recovered quickly.

As well as investing in improved backup and disaster recovery solutions, they also upgraded their anti-virus software to Sophos. Sophos is industry-leading, managed IT security software that provides threat management for entire business networks, no matter their security requirements.