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New year, new start, when did you last review your backup strategy?

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Managed backup and recovery solutions offer businesses peace of mind should a data breach happen. So we have put together several reasons why it’s important for your business to review its backup and recovery strategy regularly to give your business the best chance of overcoming a potential breach.

Reduced Disruptions 
Reviewing your backup and recovery strategy will result in reduced disruptions. Understanding the hardware and software systems you have in place, when they were installed, and when they should be replaced, will minimise the risk of system failures. In the context of servers, data shows that the frequency of server failures based on the age of the server triples from year one to year six, and having a replacement plan featured in your backup strategy will mean your technology is more reliable.

Peace of mind 
Having peace of mind over your IT systems shouldn’t be underestimated. Conducting regular backups as outlined in your backup and recovery strategy, and knowing what to do should an outage happen, will make the process of getting back up and running a much more quick and efficient process, with minimal downtime and disruption.

Staying competitive 
Curating a backup and recovery strategy will help your business stay competitive. Reviewing your strategy regularly will help you to best utilise your technology, helping your business run more efficiently and competitively. Additionally, some regulations may mean your business needs certain systems in place to keep data safe, how sophisticated these systems are can often be down to you to decide. Conducting research to choose the best value-for-money options will support your business in achieving its goals more effectively.

Simply having a backup and recovery strategy in place isn’t enough to keep your business safe if a data breach happens, reviewing your strategy is also just as important to make sure your business is keeping its technology updated and utilising it efficiently. This will help keep processes seamless and minimise the risk of potential data breaches.

If you’re not sure where to start when producing a backup and recovery strategy, don’t worry, many businesses seek help to create a strategy that reflects their business goals from professionals that have done it many times before. If you would like further information or guidance as to where to start or what to include in your strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Amitech IT. Feel free to call us on 03300 535 730 or email