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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Improve security, privacy and compliancy

Moving some or all of your IT infrastructure to the cloud lowers upfront costs, improves reliability, and gives your business greater flexibility. As remote working becomes more popular for businesses of all sizes, the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud offers greater security, privacy, and compliancy, making it a reliable solution for small to medium sized businesses.

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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure, previously known as Windows Azure is a pay-as-you-consume cloud service. Users can pick and choose from the services available to run new or existing applications.

The Microsoft Azure platform was built to help businesses overcome challenges and reach their company goals. By partnering with Amitech IT, your business can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft Azure to transition your business to the cloud. Whether it is for new or existing applications, Amitech IT will advise you on the best solution for your business.

How can Microsoft Azure Public Cloud benefit my business?

Amitech IT offer a range of Cloud Services which we will fully manage for you. We also offer a Cloud Viability Assessment to fully understand your business needs and technical requirements. With many businesses now moving some or all of their IT assets to the cloud, there are many benefits to be had that will improve business efficiency and flexibility.

    Low upfront cost

    Only pay for what you use

    Scale up or scale back services easily

    No need for updates, applications are always up to date

    Access to an ever-expanding set of applications and tools

    ISO 27018 Cloud Privacy Standard

    Seamless integration with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365

    Benefit from business insights and AI

    Reliability, cloud services are distributed over multiple data centres


How Amitech IT can help your business transition to Microsoft Azure

Amitech IT offers a Cloud Viability Assessment so we can fully understand your business needs and technical requirements. Our experts will perform a requirement review, and cloud scoping session as well as an assessment of your internal IT infrastructure to ensure we have all the information we need to design a bespoke roadmap and migration plan for your transition to the cloud.

If moving all of your business applications to the cloud is not right for you, Amitech IT also offers a hybrid cloud solution where you can choose to host parts of your business in the cloud and the rest of your applications can remain on-premise.

Not ready to move entirely to the cloud?

If you would like to find out more about Amitech IT’s Microsoft Azure offer please fill in the form below, contact our Cardiff, Exeter or St Austell teams, or call us directly on 03300 535 730.

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