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Microsoft 365 price increase: How will your business be affected?

Price increase: How will your

business be affected?

Microsoft 365

As of 1st March 2022, Microsoft will increase their Office 365 and Microsoft 365 prices for the first time in 10 years, so we’ve created this blog to let you know more about the changes and how they might affect your business.

The packages affected

 The Microsoft 365 and Office 365 packages affected by the price increase include:

– Microsoft 365 Business Basic
– Microsoft 365 Business Premium
– Office 365 E1
– Office 365 E3
– Office 365 E5
– Microsoft 365 E3

How will the new pricing work?

The price increase for each package will range from 8.5% to 20%, depending on whether you opt for an Enterprise licence or Business Basic or Premium licence. Month-to-month billing will still be available as it offers the greatest flexibility for businesses.

Why have Microsoft increased their prices?

Microsoft have said that these new price rises reflect the huge shift to remote working for businesses worldwide, which these products are helping facilitate. With a variety of new features they’ve added to their packages over the past 18 months, and the improvements and investments they continue to make to their core business offerings, they believe these price increases are justified.

What should I do next?

It’s important to avoid any unnecessary spending, so we recommend that you have a review of your licences to make sure you have the right type of licences allocated to each user in your organisation, and you don’t have any licences still active for users that have left your organisation.

If you’re still unsure as to whether these changes affect you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Amitech IT, our trusted team are always on-hand to offer advice and guidance on your IT systems. Please call us on 03300 535 730 or email