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Keep your mobile devices safe with these IT security tips

Mobile Phone Security

With remote working becoming the new normal, it’s important to keep your workforce connected with IT Security. But how do you keep your business data secure in a more disparate working environment? Due to the nature of the devices, mobile phones are generally less secure than laptops, with it being easier for mobiles to be lost or stolen. Depending on the type of business you operate, and what devices you choose to use to run your business, there are certain types of mobile devices that aren’t compatible with some security applications. With the rise of employees working remotely, the need for security has been heightened by the current global pandemic, and now more than ever it is more important to keep track of, and manage all the smart devices your staff use to access sensitive company data.

In this article, we have included a few helpful tips that you can use to keep on top of your IT security whether your employees are working remotely, are in the office or are working from multiple locations.


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For maximum IT security, keep your mobile OS up to date

Regardless of where your employees are working from, it is important they are all operating in unison. Your mobile operating system (OS) is what allows your smartphones, tablets and other devices to run their applications and programs. Many people think that updates available on operating systems simply improve overall user experience, however, their most important function is to fix key security vulnerabilities. You can reduce your business’s exposure to threats and increase your security by ensuring employees download the latest software updates when they become available. We usually recommend updating them straight away, as waiting for a few weeks or months to update gives cybercriminals ample time to exploit vulnerabilities.


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Install business applications only

Having the right security policies and employee guidelines in place can help improve your mobile security, informing employees which apps are business recommended and which ones are not. However, by installing security solutions on your mobile devices, you can manage and control business-owned devices, you can securely track, manage, deploy and remove apps. Mobile security control should not impact your employee productivity, which is why our security solutions can isolate business data from personal data with containers, encrypting all data on the mobile devices without impacting productivity.


Keep your mobile secure


Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks

Without the right security control in place, your data can be at risk when employees connect to open networks, as this can expose confidential information and sensitive company data to cyber attackers who are connected to the same network. This can be avoided by ensuring your work devices have the right mobile data plans in place, preferably one that includes roaming services for employees working remotely.


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IT Security and the appropriate tracking tools

Sometimes, instances occur that are out of our control. Losing a company-issued device is unfortunate. If the device is stolen then it is important to have tracking tools in place. There are tools such as Find My iPhone for iOS devices, GPS Phone Tracker for Android, or any other device-tracking app that helps users locate lost phones and can enhance your chances of keeping your security intact.

However, our mobile control security solution can allow you to wipe the mobile device as soon as you are informed it is lost, reducing the likelihood of any data breach. Malicious attacks will exploit every possible vulnerability, and that includes those in unsecured smartphones, tablets, and devices. Amitech IT’s managed mobile security solution is designed to give you peace of mind across your IT infrastructure and devices. Get in touch with us if you need comprehensive solutions for your business.