Complementary IT Services designed with your

business in mind

Whether you’re looking for consultancy services, or assistance with an IT project, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your technological goals.

Complementary IT Services

Just need a little help? Amitech IT can work alongside your IT manager or your IT department to provide expertise and consultation services, as well as holiday/sickness cover, and managing more laborious IT tasks to free your own staff’s valuable time. With flexible solutions suited to your business, we can provide you with the services your business needs without the added cost of having fully managed IT operations.

At Amitech IT, we provide complimentary IT services to work around what suits you, your business, and your employees.

Emergency Cover

Worried about sickness or holiday cover for your IT staff? With Amitech IT, you don’t need to. Amitech IT can provide emergency cover, remotely or onsite so you are always covered.

We can help keep your business running smoothly all year-round no matter what, meaning your IT systems are always in safe hands.

3rd line escalation

Is your company happy dealing with 1st and 2nd line IT issues in house but struggles with 3rd line issues? Our 3rd line technicians can complement your current team and work in partnership with you.

With our complimentary IT services, our team of specialist technicians have expert knowledge, to assess, diagnose, and follow industry best practices to find a solution to your 3rd line issues.

Project Support

Are you planning on taking on a large project that could stretch your internal IT team? Amitech IT can provide assistance and project planning to help your team.

Our complimentary IT services take the pressure off your internal IT team, giving them the support they need, especially if the project requires specialist knowledge.

Specialist knowledge

Does your internal IT team lack knowledge in certain specialist areas? Our team at Amitech IT has the specialist knowledge to diagnose IT issues and to get to the root cause of issues quickly and efficiently.

Our team have strong attention to detail, meaning nothing is overlooked when it comes to solving your business’ IT issues. Amitech IT can share its knowledge and expertise to help bridge the gaps of knowledge in your business.

Independent IT Audit

Do you have an IT team in place but want a second opinion on what services your business could benefit from? Or want an impartial review of your current IT infrastructure for peace of mind?

Amitech IT offer independent business IT audits to assess the health of your existing IT infrastructure and can offer recommendations on how to make the most of your IT systems.

One-off supply

We supply one-off licences for security software including Sophos, which can only be provided by trusted business partners, and we are a Microsoft Silver Partner, so you can trust our IT engineers are highly trained and qualified to implement these solutions efficiently.

As a Terra Platinum Partner, we can provide a variety of quality hardware systems designed for small-to-medium sized businesses, from laptops and PC’s to docking stations and handsets.

Our Services


Designed to offer you peace of mind, our IT security services provide critical business protection across a full range of devices.

cloud services


Improve reliability and flexibility by migrating all or part of your business data to the cloud.

IT Support


With proactive IT support tailored to your business, get the benefit of a friendly IT team on-hand, without the costly expense of resourcing it yourself.

back up and recovery

Back Up &

We deliver cost effective, fully managed data backup and recovery services to keep your business information safe.



At Amitech IT, we deliver robust communications and reliable internet access, to provide your business with improved operational functionality.

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