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Amitech IT’s managed security solution is not only designed to give you peace of mind. Our aim is to relieve customers of the time consuming administrative burden of checking that your antivirus is running effectively, we will do the hard work for you.

Security Made Simple

Sophos Endpoint Protection

What is Endpoint Protection? Endpoint protection is a technology that protects your computer devices (endpoints) such as laptops, mobiles, PC’s, tablets etc. that are used to access your business IT network which can potentially create vulnerability trails for security breaches.

Award winning Sophos Endpoint Protection blocks malware and infections by skilfully identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviours used in almost every security exploit.

By correlating threat indicators, Sophos Endpoint can block web and application exploits, dangerous URLs, potentially unwanted apps, and malicious code from ever touching your endpoints.

Key Features
  • Next-generation protection that prevents exploits, analyses behaviour, blocks malicious traffic and more
  • Built-in web security that automatically blocks access to malicious and infected websites, and blocks exploit code in JavaScript, PDFs, Flash objects and documents
  • Web filtering that works across devices to enforce company policies on or off the network
  • Per-user licensing, cost effective for organisations with multiple devices per user
  • Simple, intuitive management, hosted in the cloud or deployed on premise

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