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Is switching to Cloud Telephony right for your business?

dialing voip phone in the office, keyboard and monitor detail in the background

Cloud telephony, often also known as VoIP, or hosted voice services, gives your business the tools it needs to make technological advances and provide business continuity. Cloud telephony solutions have a positive impact on businesses, with millions of UK businesses already making the move to the cloud.

dialing voip phone in the office, keyboard and monitor detail in the background

What is cloud telephony?

In its simplest form, cloud telephony basically takes everything off-site. This means, instead of storing the network and routing elements of your phone system somewhere in your office, you can use a hosted cloud-based service to securely store your data on a server.

For phone users, very little change occurs, and calls are made and received in the same way. Behind the scenes however, your calls are processed differently. Instead of being routed through an on-site system, your calls will now be directed via a hosted solution.

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Reasons why you should switch to Cloud Telephony

Cheaper in price

Cloud telephony usually is cheaper than running on-site phone systems, this is because of the reduced maintenance needed. By saving costs, you can invest this capital into other areas of your business without any risk.


Cloud-based voice services can be scaled up with ease so your solution can grow with your business. You can manage users, devices and multiple locations with minimal investment and overheads.

Hosted web-based solutions are designed for businesses of any size and depending on the vendor, are normally charged on a per-user basis, which means you only pay for what you need and use.


Cloud telephony solutions are not only reliable but improve your business continuity. As the solution sits in the cloud, unexpected events such as floods or snow won’t disrupt your business, so you can carry on making and receiving phone calls no matter what the circumstances. Operating with a high service level agreement, your cloud telephony is continuously monitored by a highly skilled technical team on a 24/7 basis. There can also be redundant systems put in place, so should one fail, a second would automatically take place and minimise downtime of your business.


Cloud telephony has undoubtedly given businesses and employees flexibility in how they can work today. Due to calls being routed through the internet, it gives employees the freedom to work from any location, at any given time, safe in the knowledge that you are fully connected and secure. It means that you as an employer, manager or department head can stay fully connected to your people, customers and clients; which is vital in the modern age of flexible working.

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Our voice services are highly-effective for organisations that have more than one site working together, with lots of clever features and designed around control and administration through the web, Amitech IT’s cloud telephony solution is flexible, quick to configure, and can be easily changed to adapt with your business’ changing requirements.

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