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How employee IT security awareness can affect your business

IT security should be of utmost importance to any business, no matter what size. Without an IT security solution in place, your business and all its data is at risk and vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks. A managed IT security solution can dramatically reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on your business. Amitech IT’s complete managed IT security solution is designed to give you peace of mind, so you can be sure that your business’ IT security is in safe hands.

Implementing a sophisticated IT solution can help to protect your business, however, you need to consider more than just a security solution to keep your business safe from cybercrime. Employees’ lack of knowledge in protecting your business against cybercrime can be the biggest threat to your business. Your employees need to be well informed and vigilant about IT safety in order to keep your business safe, security awareness is essential to prevent unwanted security breaches. If your workforce has limited IT security awareness, then your business is vulnerable through human error to security risks, leaving your whole IT security solution redundant. At Amitech IT, not only do we pride ourselves on supplying advanced managed security solutions, but also providing support to your whole business.

IT security awareness training


Ensuring your staff are equipped with the knowledge of possible security threats is one of the first and most important steps in strengthening your business’ IT security. One way of implementing this is through staff training. Awareness training can prepare your staff for security threats, as well as giving them an understanding of how vital even the simplest of security precautions can be for your business. If you need help providing your staff with any IT security related information, you can contact one of Amitech IT’s expert engineers to clear up any queries you or your workforce may have.

While IT safety training can be seen as time-consuming and tedious for those executing the training as well as the staff attending, this can be overcome by having regular, short training sessions or by using online simulations. Online sessions cause minimal interruption and disruption to your workforce and provide real insights into the kind of threats that your employees may come across in a normal day. However, training in-person can be more engaging, interesting and allows for a clear communication, so you know if your employees understand the information that is being given to them. At Amitech IT, we offer complete IT support to all of our customers, we can answer any questions and queries you have about IT security and help to provide you with tests and simulations. Our support contracts are uncapped, meaning there are no surprising fees or costs when your business is in need of support.

Long-term security understanding


Making sure that your workforce’s IT security knowledge and understanding is long-lasting is essential, it ensures that your business’ security system is built to last. It is important that this knowledge is continually refreshed to ensure you keep up with changes in technology and that security threats are always in the back of your employees’ minds. While it is great to implement staff training to improve security knowledge, if this knowledge is not up to date or retained, it can become a waste of company time and money. With Amitech IT, we can support you every step of the way. Once your IT solution is installed, our team will be on hand to help you and keep you up to date with the latest IT security threats.

No matter how engaging your training sessions may be, it is easy for employees to forget information if they do not get a chance to put it into practice. Skills tests are a great, complementary way of finding out if your employees have retained the information they have learned. The results will show areas of strengths and weakness so you can develop a plan of what you may need to work on or can be taught about in more detail.

Another method that can help employees put their knowledge to work is a simulated cyber-attack. This can be done using a system that will send a fake email to employees, encouraging them to divulge information or click a link. If they ignore it or notify someone, they pass, if they click the link, or give out information, they need further education on IT  precautions. This method is effective as it puts employees in a real-life situation, allowing them to use their knowledge and instincts to react or respond.

Testing employees also allows you to track their progress, giving you an overview of what they find easy and difficult to remember as well as what method of learning and testing works best for them. These measurements can give your company an added sense of safety and are best implemented alongside an existing managed IT security solution.

With Amitech IT, there’s no need to worry about how to provide your employees with the correct and relevant information when it comes to IT security awareness. We are always happy to pass on our specialist expertise and knowledge so you can strengthen your workforce, as well as your IT security.

What precautions can your staff take?


A lot of IT security breaches can come from human error. Hackers and cyber-attackers encourage users to click dangerous links and attachments or even trick them into divulging personal information such as usernames and passwords by masking familiar email addresses. If your employees are unprepared for this, it could cause detrimental damage to your business.

When your IT system is managed completely by Amitech IT, we take the burden off your business by not only implementing your IT security solution for you but also proactively monitoring it for any threats, as well as providing uncapped support.

However, there are a few simple things your workforce can do to help your business’ IT security. Here are some ways your employees can help keep your business, and its data safe:

Choose a unique password that is difficult to guess. It should be long, containing a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and characters.
Use a different password for each account and or login.
Only connect to secure, password protected WiFi networks.
Avoid engaging in any emails that look suspicious and alert their employer if they think they are being targeted by a cyber-attacker.

These basic measures are simple for employees to remember and carry out, reducing the risk of a security breach and keeping your business safe. Ensuring your staff are fully equipped for an IT breach is just one step of keeping your business, and its data secure. At Amitech IT, we’re here to help your business every step of the way, when it comes to your IT security. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your business secure.