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How complete managed IT services keep businesses up to date

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Technology is moving quickly, and with the level of speed and convergence of emerging technology solutions like the cloud, mobility, social and big data, there are new pressures on organisations and departments to enable digital transformation. Complete managed IT services help to keep your business agile and up to date with all technological and software advances.

Why complete managed IT services are important

All organisations, no matter their size, place priorities on operational efficiencies, however, not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Naturally, as operations grow and change, you need your IT systems and software to do the same. Small businesses may have limited IT resources which can see them quickly fall behind on updates, network management and competitiveness. This can put your company’s IT systems at risk of an outage, breach or security threat. For many companies, the solution could be managed IT services.

It all starts with the acknowledgement that to grow, your IT infrastructure should focus on supporting the core systems and applications you need to run your business. A roadmap needs to be in place to identify when systems become end of life or will need replacing in order to ensure that budget is allocated to avoid large costs. If your business does not have the resources and expertise to be able to identify and maintain these processes, a managed IT services company can work alongside you to ensure you are not falling behind.

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Who can benefit?

It is not only large companies that need technology to compete in their respective markets and industries. Reliance on IT is growing but not all companies have the resources or knowledge available to keep up with the changes. To keep companies from being overwhelmed due to limitations on IT resources, complete managed IT services can work alongside your business to ensure your business keeps up to date with technical compliance and that your business is utilising the most appropriate technologies to improve your efficiency and productivity.

By utilising complete managed IT services, you can delegate your IT tasks and operations to a third-party provider like Amitech IT. We will be responsible for proactive monitoring of your systems, IT security and IT support.

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A Shift in Mentality Regarding IT Support and Managed Services

For many businesses, finding the budget for an internal IT resource can be a struggle and ad hoc support from engineers can be troublesome due to availability, lack of consistency and expense. Working with a complete managed IT services provider, helps you to reduce the problem. We strongly believe that prevention is better than a cure.

Waiting for problems to arise and systems to fail before taking action is no longer a viable option. Our increasing dependence on automated systems and digital databases means technology outages can have a profoundly negative impact on business operations. Should such problems arise, inaccessible data for substantial periods of time can be very detrimental to your businesses and revenue. Due to these higher risks, the need for IT security and IT support can be critical to your business. Due to many organisations realising the potential harm that can occur if problems are not taken care of, the shift in the mentality of using third-party IT service providers has become even more popular. Your business can benefit from complete peace of mind when it comes to your IT services and our proactive monitoring of systems enables us to give us an early warning of problems before they become an issue for your business.

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The Difference Between Complete IT Managed Services and Break/Fix Engineers

If like many businesses you do not have the resources or budget available for an in-house IT resource when a technical problem arises and you face difficulties, you have two service options to choose from:

Break/fix services which involve the arrival of an outside technician or engineer who comes to your office/location and fixes the problem; usually charging an hourly rate, this can be expensive if you need assistance immediately.

Managed IT services offer a consistent relationship between you and your service provider and work alongside you. They can manage your IT security and IT infrastructure monitoring all of your key IT services for an agreed monthly or yearly fee.

Break/Fix services Compared to Managed Services

Engineers who are called to site only assist you once a problem occurs. You may have to wait for them to become available, then for the issues to be diagnosed and then for the fix.  This can lead to system downtime for your businesses, resulting in lost productivity and lost sales and revenue. By using an external engineer, they may only focus on the issue at hand rather than being able to see the ‘bigger picture’ for your business. While break/fix services don’t require monthly fees, they reduce your chances of receiving a consistent service that will address your problems efficiently.

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We work alongside you and your business.

Complete Managed IT services provide you with consistent service, they get to know your business and understand your network and infrastructure, helping them to identify and reduce risks before they take a big negative impact on your business through proactive services and regular monitoring and maintenance. They also keep your business up to date in regard to system updates, so your IT hardware is always updated with the latest security and bug fixes.

Below are a few additional benefits to consider when deciding whether to take the next steps toward complete managed IT services.

  • A fixed monthly cost, with access to a team of technology experts
  • System centralisation allows for constant visibility and insight
  • High-level support on up-to-date tech
  • Minimised downtime and significant productivity increases
  • Peace of mind regarding efficiency and security
  • Extended relationship with an expert service provider

If you are interested in gathering more information before making a decision about complete managed IT services, our friendly team are available for a chat.