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How can my business prevent viruses with IT security?

Viruses and malware caused by hackers and cybercriminals are the last things any business wants on their IT systems. Your IT equipment can start slowing down, change its working patterns, stop working altogether and most importantly sensitive business data can be stolen. Not only can viruses be detrimental to your business by preventing you from working, decreasing your productivity, and putting your files and business information at risk, but they can also affect your profits. Having a sophisticated IT security solution in place will help prevent viruses and malware like this from occurring, keeping your business and its data safe.

Amitech IT can help protect your business by providing a managed security solution that is tailored to your business needs. When it comes to viruses and IT security, prevention is always better than a cure and with Amitech IT, we can help your business protect itself from any form of attack by implementing a sophisticated IT security solution. 

Here are a few tips to help you prevent viruses or malware infecting your IT hardware and business:

Increase IT security with multiple strong passwords

This may seem like a simple rule, but many viruses and malware disruptions are caused by simple security mistakes, mistakes such as using the same password across multiple accounts in your business. Many people use the same email address, usernames and passwords across all their accounts, this can make their information extremely easy to decrypt and steal. By choosing a strong password that includes lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols you can help maximise your IT security. Passwords should be private and personal to you, and difficult for anyone else to guess. Using the information that could be common knowledge, such as names, places or dates can leave your business vulnerable. By implementing a few simple security measures such as adopting a strong password policy will help keep your business safe. Amitech IT work in partnership with Sophos whose security software such as Intercept X can help analyse and intercept any form of data breach or attack before it occurs.

Increase IT security and regularly update your operating system

Whether your business uses Windows, Microsoft, Android, Linux or any other operating system, it is important to keep it up to date. Operating systems provide regular updates and patches to help to prevent security leaks and viruses from affecting your business, helping to keep your IT systems secure. Updates can often be released at inconvenient times and users often delay updates seeing them as an annoyance, but just remember, updates to your operating systems are more convenient than having a virus on your hardware. By failing to keep operating systems up to date, your business’ IT security will be weakened, opening it up to possible viruses and increasing your business’ vulnerability. 

Secure your business’ WiFi network

Business hardware such as computers, laptops and tablets often connect to files, printers, or the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Your business Wi-Fi should be private, with a strong password required to gain access. Having an open Wi-Fi which anyone can connect to without needing a password can allow users to access your business files and information. If you often have guests who use your internet, it’s a good idea to set up a guest Wi-Fi that uses a different password to ensure maximum IT security for your business. When Amitech IT manages your IT security, we use Sophos Wireless to control and monitor your business’ wireless connections. We can notify you of any wireless activity that could put your business security at risk.

Stay on top of IT security with antivirus protection

Anti-virus and malware protection is vital for any business that wants to keep their IT systems virus-free. Your anti-virus protection should be of high quality and have regular updates. Virus protection is only effective and able to prevent viruses if your software is kept up to date due to the continual advances in technology and new ways that hackers target businesses. At Amitech IT, we provide businesses with fully managed IT security services, including virus protection software. Sophos Endpoint Protection helps us to protect your computer devices (endpoints) by identifying and preventing a handful of techniques and behaviours that are used in almost every security exploit. By correlating threat indicators, Sophos Endpoint can block web and application exploits, dangerous URLs, potentially unwanted apps, and malicious code from ever touching your endpoints.

Beware of virus links

One common mistake that many people make when it comes to IT security is clicking on untrustworthy links. These can be sent directly in emails and be disguised to deceive users, make sure your employees are aware of security threats and that they avoid opening emails, attachments and links received from a person or company you don’t know. 

Some experienced hackers use phishing attacks, where they create email addresses that mimic the information of the people you know, making it hard to tell if the email comes from an untrusted source. So, if your employees receive any unusual requests or if email addresses look slightly unusual, double-check the email address and contact the person who the email appears to be from and ask them directly if they sent the email. By ensuring that you and your employees stay vigilant when it comes to IT security you will be able to help prevent viruses occurring. 

A strong anti-virus protection software will be able to run scans on such attachments to ensure they are safe before you consider opening them. At Amitech IT, our Sophos solution includes Sophos Central Email. Sophos Central Email blocks up to 98% of spam and protects your business from phishing attacks, blocking emails before they have a chance to infiltrate your system.

Secure your personal information

Stay cautious when it comes to sharing any personal information on social media. You may even want to use an alternative username on public message boards, this way it is harder to find out personal information such as your name and date of birth. Hackers can use personal information that is freely available on social media to assist them in hacking your IT systems. By using strong passwords that do not include personal information, will help to keep your IT security strong. Amitech IT’s security experts can provide advice and guidance on simple security tips to help keep your business safe. This paired with our industry-leading security solution can help your business stay on top of your IT security and protect your personal information.

Backup your files

With Amitech IT, you can make sure your business is protected from viruses and data loss with our range of IT security services. Our managed IT security solution will give your business the protection it needs from IT threats, allowing it to grow and thrive. In today’s technologically advanced age, it is important to stay one step ahead of IT security threats and with Amitech IT, you can. Contact us today to find an IT security solution that works for your business.