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How a managed IT security provider can help your business prepare for IT failures

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Preparing and planning for success is what all businesses aspire to do. Many businesses take the time to plan the strategy, goals and systems that they need in place for success, but what many forget to consider and plan for is what if these systems fail. IT system failures happen, and they happen more frequently than most imagine. Preparation is a key aspect in success for businesses and having a managed IT security provider means you will have improved business continuity plans in place should your IT systems fail.

Preparing for IT failures isn’t a bad thing

A common misconception that some businesses may face is that preparing for failure is a negative thing to do. This isn’t a case of doubting your business, it is simply a way of making your business more robust and more agile.

There is a big difference between preparing for failure and thinking you are going to fail. Having a plan in place should the worst happen is just about being practical and realistic. Considering these possibilities can encourage your business to progress because being prepared keeps your business moving forward and can protect your business from outdated processes and technologies.

Businesses of all sizes can experience setbacks and failures. But it is the mindset that you apply to these setbacks and failures that will truly determine if these problems are permanent failures or learning curves. If you are willing to learn and grow from these experiences, then they were not really failings at all. However, by having the right IT set up and a managed service provider working alongside you to manage your IT security and backup and recovery, they can help dramatically mitigate these risks.

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How prepared is your business for an IT failure?


The first thing to consider is if your existing equipment and infrastructure is working effectively. If it is not performing, then your IT systems could be hampering your business performance. Adopting the latest technologies and business processes can become a pointless task if your hardware and IT security is not up to scratch. And while many businesses are now in the position to access the latest technological advances for a reasonable cost due to wider availability and the cultural shift to many services offering subscription pricing, this also means it opens up a new heightened risk of security threats and system malfunctions if you don’t have the right tools, procedures and IT security solutions in place.

Complete managed IT services proactively manage and maintain all of your IT equipment and IT services. However, Amitech IT offer that and so much more. The approach we take combines a blend of traditional and bespoke services. This allows for a holistic but tailored service that meets the requirements of your business.
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Tailored support for your business

For your IT systems to maximise their potential, maintenance is of the essence. Amitech IT takes the time to get to know your business and key business processes before we start to support your business and before implementing any IT solutions. By understanding your business and its goals, we can tailor a support service to your requirements. With Amitech IT, you benefit from access to experienced and qualified engineers, a dedicated account manager and proactive IT monitoring.

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A multi-layered approach to your IT security

Having the right IT infrastructure in place is only half the job. IT security means that your business can get a business-grade level of protection that gives you peace of mind. There are preventative measures that Amitech IT can provide to reduce the risk of a security breach. After all, prevention is better than a cure. From intrusion prevention systems to gateway anti-viruses and threat detection response, you can go about your day-to-day business in the knowledge that your critical data and networks are being looked after.

A managed IT security provider can abolish the time-consuming administrative burdens of checking your security solution and ensure your business has a business continuity solution in place should your IT systems fail.

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Experience and practicality with a managed IT security provider

Amitech IT is a leading technology and business solutions provider that has been delivering proactive advice, support and solutions to our customers for over 20 years. With experienced technicians on hand that have expert knowledge on IT infrastructure, networks and systems, our experience has taught us the importance of acknowledging that many businesses may not be aware of the technologies available to help their business or of the security risks to their business which leaves their business vulnerable.

Amitech IT work alongside you to ensure that you have full insight into your business IT systems and understand what is being implemented. We speak your language to ensure a seamless and holistic approach to your Complete Managed IT Services, IT security measures and backup and recovery processes. Don’t delay being prepared for IT failures. For more information, or to speak to a member of our team please feel free to get in touch.