Without strong connectivity systems in place, businesses are likely to struggle to run efficiently and effectively, particularly with the rising popularity of home working.

Removing communication barriers

In today’s modern workplace almost every business is reliant on robust communications between staff, their customers and a fast, stable internet connection for the business to function.

Amitech IT offer a range of connectivity services designed to help your business communicate, collaborate and stay connected. Unexpected events such as snow, floods or utility roadworks won’t disrupt your business.

As a quality IT solutions provider, you can trust us to deliver the resources your business needs to boost its connectivity systems.

Our Connectivity Solutions

Amitech IT provides a variety of Connectivity Services to help your business improve its reliability, flexibility, and agility. Whether your business is looking for faster internet connectivity, improved communication systems, or better tools to work effectively, we have the solutions available to help your business thrive.


Microsoft 365 brings together all of the best tools for the way people work today. From apps like Excel, Word and Outlook, and powerful cloud services such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Amitech IT can help your business migrate from traditional on-premise licencing to Microsoft 365 in the cloud.


Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that has revolutionised remote working. Microsoft Teams allows businesses to stay connected and organised even with a team working remotely. Amitech IT can get your business up and running almost straight away.


For small to medium-sized businesses, gigabit speeds can transform your working environment for the better. More than two fifths (42%) of employees already say poor technology is stopping them from being as productive as they would like to be.

Cloud Voice

Tired of inflexible, old fashioned telephone systems that no longer work for your business? Here at Amitech IT, we understand the importance of constant communication in today’s modern businesses. Amitech IT offers a cloud telephony system that is fully flexible.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an incredibly useful piece of business software designed to increase productivity, communication, and collaboration. With integrated applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive, your business will have access to a range of tools that support remote working and business continuity.

With a range of payment options to suit businesses of any size, Microsoft 365 is an affordable and scalable solution to help streamline business operations, whilst also presenting greater flexibility of working environments.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way businesses work today. With functionality that allows businesses to stay connected no matter whether employees are working from home, the office, a client site, or elsewhere, Microsoft Teams offers greater flexibility in a secure environment.

Two-factor authentication and data encryption are just some of the ways Teams works to keep your business and customer data safe. At Amitech IT, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly install Microsoft Teams for your business, so you can get started utilising this highly effective business tool straight away.

“Amitech IT has supported us during the launch of Space2B at The Maltings and suggested a number of outstanding technical solutions for us to implement.”

Gareth Oram

The Maltings


Business Broadband

The way we do business is changing. With the rapid advancements in cloud technology and digital infrastructure, there is an increasing strain on business connectivity, leading to dropouts and slowdowns which not only affect business productivity, but also customer service.

At Amitech IT, our business broadband solutions ensure fast and reliable speeds, transforming your working environment for the better. With simple contracts and a manageable monthly fee, faster connectivity is no longer just for large corporations. Trust us to bring your business into the modern-day with a scalable and future-proof broadband solution.

Cloud Voice Services

For businesses that don’t want to worry about snow, floods, fires, or any other unexpected event affecting their operations, our cloud voice services provide business continuity that allows you to make and receive calls no matter the circumstance.

As a cloud-hosted solution, our voice services deliver greater flexibility to businesses of any size that want to support remote working in an efficient and scalable way. With several additional benefits of lower call costs, features you can easily control, and the choice to keep your existing number or choose a new one, switching from a more traditional telephone network to a digital one can greatly improve business operations and customer service.

How can connectivity services benefit my business?

Businesses need great connectivity infrastructure in place to improve employee communications and create a more efficient working environment. There are many benefits to be had from improved connectivity throughout your business which will help you operate more efficiently.

Amitech IT icon Enhanced business agility and competitiveness

Amitech IT icon Predictable monthly cost

Amitech IT icon Improved reliability of connected systems

Amitech IT icon Improved customer service

Amitech IT icon Better security from trusted partner solutions

Amitech IT icon Enhanced communication capabilities between those working remotely and in the office

Find out more about our Connectivity Services

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