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Amitech IT has a vast range of proactive support software and tools readily available that can help improve your IT department’s efficiency, meaning you get the benefit of our investment for a manageable monthly cost, without the expensive outlay that most businesses would struggle to justify.

Complementary IT Services

Here to help when you need us most

Amitech IT understands that not all businesses need Complete IT Services, which is why we also offer Complementary Managed IT Services. Amitech IT can work alongside your IT manager or IT department to provide expertise, holiday or sickness cover, or to manage the more onerous IT tasks in order to free your IT staff’s valuable time.

Holiday/sickness cover
Proactive 24/7 monitoring
Monitored service desk
Expert knowledge
Guaranteed response times
Project services

Flexible solutions to suit your business



Does your business come to a standstill when your IT manager or technician goes on holiday or is off sick? Amitech IT offers holiday and sickness cover in order to help your business carry on functioning no matter what. We understand that some businesses rather have their IT systems supported internally, however if you need backup when your internal IT support staff are off ill or on a well-earned holiday, Amitech IT are happy to help.

Amitech IT’s flexible holiday and sickness cover can be tailored to suit you and your business.

Decreased Downtime

Reduce your downtime

With limited in-house IT resource, some IT issues can prove to be just all too much for a single IT manager. Amitech IT can assist your IT manager to deal with the more complicated IT issues, allowing them to get on with dealing with the day to day operating issues. Amitech IT can also assist your IT manager to proactively monitor and prevent issues before they become a problem.

Issues can be quickly recognised and resolved before they affect your business, virtually eliminating any downtime.



Amitech IT’s managed IT services can complement your internal IT department. Amitech IT has over 20 years of experience and continually invest in our technical staff to ensure that they are fully trained and accredited in the latest technologies.

Technical training can be expensive and time consuming, if all you need is some support to assist your internal IT team where they can refer to a fully accredited expert to assist them, Amitech IT are happy to help.


IT Consultancy

Have an internal IT department but need assistance when implementing a project? Amitech IT provide IT consultancy services to businesses for business continuity planning, IT infrastructure reviews and network security reviews.

Our expert consultants can advise you on your hardware and software requirements, timescales, budgets and the most appropriate implementation and deployment methods for you and your business.

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