Implementing a Hybrid Cloud solution allows your business to keep necessary legacy systems on-premise whilst having other chosen data and systems in the cloud. This method gives you the option to have each of your IT applications in their ideal location, whilst still maintaining a seamless working environment.

Hybrid Cloud

For some businesses moving to the cloud entirely is not an option, with some legacy IT applications needing to remain on-premise. With a hybrid cloud solution, you put each of your IT applications in their ideal environment, whilst still maintaining a seamless working environment.

By adopting a hybrid approach, you can maintain control of all of your applications while still taking advantage of cloud services for the applications that can easily be moved.

How Amitech IT can help your business transition to hybrid cloud solution

Amitech IT offers a Cloud Viability Assessment so we can fully understand your business needs and technical requirements. Our experts will perform a requirement review, and cloud scoping session as well as an assessment of your internal IT infrastructure to ensure we have all the information we need to design a bespoke roadmap and migration plan for your transition to the cloud.

If you would like to find out more about Amitech IT’s hybrid cloud offering, please fill in the form below, contact our Cardiff, Exeter or St Austell teams directly or contact us on 03300 535 730.

How can Hybrid Cloud benefit my business?

There are many benefits to businesses that implement a Hybrid Cloud solution. Not only does having a combination of on-premise servers and cloud-based data storage support remote working practices,  it also offers your business greater security and agility than simply having physical servers.

Amitech IT iconHybrid cloud is scalable, you can easily scale your services up or down

Amitech IT icon Hybrid cloud offers gradual migration so you can move applications 1 by 1 whenever you are ready

Amitech IT iconImproved reliability as cloud services are distributed over multiple data centres

Amitech IT icon Synchronize your on-premise applications with your cloud services

Amitech IT iconHybrid cloud solutions are flexible and supports both remote and in-office workers

Amitech IT iconMaintain control of every system and application your business holds

Book a free Cloud Visibility Assessment

Book a free Cloud Viability Assessment with Amitech IT and our expert team will offer practical advice, so you have peace of mind that your business is utilising the best value technologies available to it.