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Future proof your technology

Transform your business

Moving some or all of your IT services to the cloud offers businesses an alternative storage method for data that lowers upfront costs and gives your business more flexibility. By implementing Cloud Services, your business becomes more agile and streamlined.

Transform your business

Future proof your technology

Moving some or all of your IT services to the cloud offers businesses an alternative storage method for data that lowers upfront costs and gives your business more flexibility. By implementing Cloud Services, your business becomes more agile and streamlined.

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Cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

What is the cloud? The cloud is when your data and services are stored on remote systems connected to the internet. You can access your business data any time, on any device, from any location, saving you the hassle of needing to transfer your business data from one place to another.

There are different ways that your business can adopt Cloud Services, you can choose to move everything to the cloud or you can choose a hybrid solution by keeping some of your IT services on-premise and only moving some services to the cloud.

Greater flexibility

Amitech IT offer a range of Cloud Services which we will fully manage for you. Amitech IT offer a Cloud Viability Assessment so we can fully understand your business needs and technical requirements. By partnering with Amitech IT to manage your migration to the cloud your business gets the benefits of Cloud Services without needing to worry about migration, business disruptions or the complexity of your services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams


Hybrid Cloud

Designed to help businesses reach their objectives, the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud offers greater security, reliability, and compliancy.

Bringing together the best resources to enhance business operations, Microsoft 365 has been built to improve the way people work today.

As a communication and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams increases productivity through the range features it offers to businesses.

Allowing businesses to subscribe to servers in the cloud, IaaS helps businesses scale quickly without the costs involved with physical servers.

For businesses looking to improve flexibility whilst keeping some legacy systems on-premise, migrating to a Hybrid Cloud solution should be considered.

Digital transformation benefits

Whatever the size of your business and whatever industry you’re in, the way we work is changing and more and more businesses are choosing to embrace digital transformation. Amitech IT can help your business to understand the benefits of moving to the Cloud, help you to remain agile, competitive and to help your business grow.

Cloud Services allow businesses to scale up or scale down their IT services with ease for a predictable monthly cost, reducing capital investment cycles and making it easier to budget for growth. Amitech IT are a Microsoft Silver Partner that have been partnering with our customers to make the most of their IT services for over 25 years.

reduced capital

Reduced capital investment

With cloud computing services, you no longer need to worry about the cost of purchasing servers and licencing upfront, as well as server maintenance and replacement costs.

Without needing to invest in pricey hardware, Cloud Computing services are great for businesses looking to reduce costs whilst improving agility and flexibility.

Data security

Cloud Services are secure methods of storing data digitally over the internet. With more robust security due to the encryption methods used, business files are kept much safer.

As well as this, storing data in the cloud makes it much easier for businesses to save and retrieve backups, should an incident happen that causes the loss of important information and files.

data security


Amitech IT offer Cloud Services that allows businesses to only pay for what they use. If your business needs to increase or decrease the storage capacity it uses regularly, that’s no problem at all.

Storage capacity, processing power, and networking can all be scaled with little-to-no disruption to or business or increased downtime. This method of storing data isn’t only more convenient for businesses, but also greatly reduces costs.


With Cloud Services, businesses can operate with greater flexibility because services can be modified to meet changing business needs. As well as this, Cloud Services enables effective remote working, as files can be shared and edited quickly and easily.

This helps to support an increase in productivity, allows your business to become more agile, and meets modern-day working practices.

Up to date


With Cloud Services, your data and systems are always kept up to date. You will no longer have to worry about downloading or installing programmes because we’ll take care of that for you.

From this, you and your business can have peace of mind that all of your systems and software will continue to work efficiently and securely.


One key benefit of Amitech IT’s Cloud Service offering is that your employees will have access to business data anytime, anywhere, enabling home and remote working.

This means if any team member needs to access important documentation whilst at a customer site, they can do it quickly and efficiently.

If moving all of your business applications to the cloud is not right for you, Amitech IT also offer a hybrid cloud solution where you can choose to host parts of your business in the cloud and the rest of your applications can remain on-premise.

On demand

Want to find out more about our Cloud Services?

If you would like to find out more about Amitech IT’s Cloud Services offering, please fill in the form below, contact our Cardiff, Exeter or St Austell teams, or call us directly on 03300 535 730.

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