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Balancing IT security and productivity

IT security

Effective and successful IT security is imperative to keep your organisation safe from security breaches, threats, and attacks. As company leaders and department managers, a primary responsibility is to keep your employees productive and your customer’s information and data safe and secure.

Finding a happy medium between IT security and productivity

Implementing the wrong type of IT security measures can impact your employee’s productivity. However, not implementing measures can result in an exceptionally high level of security risks. The challenge that many organisations struggle with is finding the correct balance for your individual circumstances and requirements. The industry your business operates in, can determine which measures you need to implement, for example, you may be in a regulated industry where you have to comply with certain regulations, such as cyber security compliance.

To find a happy medium of these two competing factors, we are going to discuss additional factors that can help your measures without compromising productivity.


Balancing IT security and productivity

Be clever with your IT security measures

You can create additional categories for your company’s security so if your employees are working using their personal device, they have limited ability to access or download content. If they are working on a regulated and fully managed device, one with the appropriate security measures, they can access everything they need to complete their tasks.

If the security systems detect that an employee’s account is being targeted, they will get additional multi-factor authentication prompts while they are working.


IT security measures

Working with vendors who understand this balance

When choosing a vendor to help with your managed IT security services, choose a partner who understands the balance between security and productivity. It is good to start by looking at your overall IT ecosystem, looking at your specific requirements and identifying exactly what you need. By measuring the amount of protection versus value, you will have a clear idea of how security procedures will impact your organisation. You will then be able to communicate this thoroughly with your chosen vendor and they should have the knowledge to determine which elements will increase productivity without compromising your IT systems.

balancing security and productivity

Make sure education and awareness are a top priority

The best IT security measures are even more effective when they are embraced by employees who understand them and more importantly, respect the necessity of them. To protect your business, it is vital to make employees aware of security measures around issues such as phishing and ransomware scams, Rather than one-off training, consider moving towards smaller and more frequent tailored training sessions that keep security at the top of your employees’ minds. If training is creative and fun, by using interactive simulations or games to demonstrate what they should be looking out for, your employees are more likely to retain the information. This will be good for on-going team and relationship building as well as maximising the opportunity to feed fresh measures to your organisation. This is a far more productive way to ensure your systems and IT infrastructure are kept safe. Prevention is better than a cure, so don’t wait for something drastic to happen before educating your employees.

education - IT security

Continuously evaluate your IT security procedures

By taking the time to continuously evaluate your processes, you are more likely to gain a better understanding of what works for you and your business. When working with vendors like Amitech IT, you can discuss different requirements and weigh-up the overall strengths of a coordinated, integrated business system in comparison to a collection of stand-alone solutions.

By working alongside you, Amitech IT can help you to build a joint strategy for the enablement of technology and security. From the very start, we develop and deploy enablement tools based upon your specific business needs.

By exploring IT security and productivity, we can create a strong solution that keeps your employees and data safe, without compromising on productivity. If you are interested in discussing how Amitech IT can help protect your business data, get in touch today.