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Are you seeking a new role that offers flexibility and a positive working environment?
At Amitech IT, we are always looking for talented, passionate, and driven IT professionals to join our dynamic team.

Why Amitech IT?

The team at Amitech IT strive to deliver professional expertise, advice, and services so our customers have confidence in their IT systems and operations. With solutions that are tailored to each individual customer, we put their needs first to provide robust and relevant technologies that can scale with their business.

From business continuity and security solutions through to holiday cover and specialist projects, the range of support we offer is vitally important to help our customers minimise business disruption and flourish through the use of quality technologies.

“When I joined Amitech IT, I was assured the company was ambitious in terms of its growth plan. It is refreshing to see that these assurances were true.”

James Beasley
Amitech IT

James Beasley

Our Culture

We strive to make technology an asset for our customers by providing IT strategies and services that deliver long-term commercial benefits. We have a very inclusive culture at Amitech IT that is underpinned by our core values of integrity, respect, knowledge, and well-being. Collaboration is encouraged not only with those in our business but also with those in our sister companies.

We will provide a positive and engaging environment that develops our employees and will continuously aim to improve our service and product offerings to deliver solutions in an effective, reliable, and friendly manner.  We will cut through the complexities of the digital world to help our customers make the best use of technology as their trusted technology partner.


Amitech IT advocates transparency of information, with open advice and recommendation throughout. The company employs loyal people who place honesty and relationships before profit.


Amitech IT thrives on long term solutions and establishing strong relationships with both clients and colleagues. Our belief in offering support and respect throughout has resulted in our success.


Improving our knowledge and expertise is a key focus for our business. Our employees are resourceful professionals, willing to share their knowledge to deliver the right solutions.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance to allow accommodation for family and friends, making work fun, yet professional. This supportive environment is recognized throughout Amitech IT.

“I enjoy working for Amitech IT as I 100% believe in what I am selling. I love that every team I work with, nothing is too much to ask.”

Greg Pendleton
Amitech IT

Greg Pendleton

5 Reasons why you will love working for Amitech IT

There are many reasons why we all love working at Amitech IT. The positive atmosphere and camaraderie of the team are just a couple to note.

Below we have highlighted 5 top reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us, we are much more than your average IT company.

making a difference

Making a difference

You’ll make a difference by being a valued member of a growing and successful company, working with a team of like-minded individuals who each have a voice.

healthy work-life balance

Healthy work-life balance

You will be working for a company that helps support a healthy work-life balance.

social responsibility

Social Responsibility

You will be working for a company that actively strives to be socially responsible and have fun!

continuous learning

Continuous learning

You will be working for a company that advocates continuous learning.

honesty over profit

Honesty over profit

You will be working for a company that places ethics, honesty and relationships before profit.