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6 Signs it’s time for a new IT service provider

Business woman angry with laptop that doesn't work

Business woman with laptop that doesn't work

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify whether you’re getting value for money from your IT services provider. At Amitech IT, we’ve identified 6 key signs that suggest it might be time to switch to a more beneficial IT partner.

Are they providing the most suitable technologies? 
Understanding how your business operates is the best way for an IT support provider to identify the technological needs of your business. This helps them recognise any potential gaps in the IT infrastructure of your business and allows them to recommend the best solutions moving forward. If your current IT services provider doesn’t check-in to see if your IT systems are still working for your business, or doesn’t suggest new hardware or software solutions that will help futureproof your business, you may not be receiving the value you’re paying for.

Are they maintaining their reputation? 
Whilst your current IT provider may have had a good reputation when you began employing their services, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has stayed that way. If you think maybe you’re not currently receiving the level of service you once were, it could be worth checking more recent reviews of their business to see if their other clients are having the same issues. Red flags to look out for in reviews include; poor communication, poor attitudes, slow to solve issues, not delivering promised upgrades or updates.

Are you happy with their level of customer service? 
Businesses should never dread calling or submitting a ticket to their IT support provider, and if this is ever the case, it’s time to switch to a new provider. Poor customer service can materialise in many different ways; long wait times, rudeness, and ignoring calls are just a few to mention. Additionally, if you’re not getting the answers you need to solve an IT issue, then your provider isn’t delivering the services you’re paying for. When searching for a new IT support business, judge your options based on responsiveness, professionalism, and attitude, as these are key to a good customer experience.

Do they understand your business goals? 
The business you receive your IT support from should understand your business vision and goals. This will help them recommend the best technologies for now and in the future, creating a transformation plan of which systems and hardware should be switched and when. If your IT support provider doesn’t ask the direction of your business, or doesn’t notify you of any updates or upgrade options, then it suggests they’re not necessarily interested in providing technologies to help drive your business forward.

Are you getting the most value for your budget? 
If you feel like your business is paying for IT services you’re not receiving, or you feel you could get value for money elsewhere, there’s no harm in shopping around. It’s important to find efficient IT support to minimise business disruption and keep employees driven, so keeping factors in mind including size of team, number of customers, average response rates, will help give an indication of whether they have enough capacity for your business as well.

Is your IT services provider transparent about services and costs? 
Some IT businesses like to use highly technical language when defining their services, and this complicated jargon can sometimes include deliberate vagueness. It’s important that you trust your support provider, and that they can explain any technical aspects of your contract in simpler terms. In addition, it’s important they’re clear and upfront about costs so you’re not surprised by any hidden fees. Make sure your business isn’t trapped in a ‘one size fits all’ service, as it could mean your business is under-protected and/or you may be paying for services you don’t need.

If you’re thinking about switching IT support providers but are unsure where to start, feel free to contact our team at Amitech IT and we can suggest the best first steps for your business. You can give us a call on 03300 535 730 or email us at