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5 reasons why you should consider moving to cloud voice services

5 reasons why you should consider

moving to

Cloud Voice Services

Cloud voice services have many names that can often increase confusion as to what they are and how they can help you. At Amitech IT, we are passionate about championing such services because we know the impact and benefits that it can have on your business. You may have heard cloud voice services referred to as VoIP, Hosted Voice, Cloud Telephony … the list goes on. However, whatever name you are used to, the benefits and tools cloud voice services give businesses like yours can help you to excel in the future.

What are cloud voice services?

In a digitally-driven world, technologies and processes can quickly become archaic and outdated. To avoid technologies becoming outdated it can be useful to continuously look for opportunities to make the most of technological advancements and increase business efficiency.

Businesses are continuously being challenged with changing and increasingly complex working environments. The way that people now expect to work is changing, and budgets are continually reviewed to ensure that businesses are running efficiently.

All of this can have a dramatic impact on how businesses use resources and technology to meet their objectives, such as growing revenues, maximising profitability or streamlining operational costs. This can be particularly difficult or costly if you’re not prepared.

To meet these challenges, businesses are increasingly opting to implement IT services over a cloud infrastructure. This is because they are a cost-effective, scalable and secure model to enable them to better operate in more flexible environments, across all industries.

How do cloud voice services impact your business?

Voice services are critical business tools when it comes to communication. Cloud voice services can be highly effective for businesses with remote workers or multiple office locations, allowing workers to work together seamlessly without needing to be in the same office location. However, the term ‘cloud’ has suffered an identity crisis and as a result, it is sometimes unclear as to whether voice services are hosted, co-located or truly cloud-based

If you are still researching whether the transition over to cloud voice services is right for you and your business, we have put together a list of 5 great benefits of making the move.

1. Security

With any transition, process adaption or implementation, change management is vital. Upgrading to a cloud voice service with Amitech IT is seamless and can be implemented easily. What does this mean for you? Our cloud voice service enables you to stay in control with call recording for compliance and training and also allows for fraud prevention to ensure your business stays safe and secure.

2. Cost

Moving to cloud telephony isn’t just more beneficial, it is more cost-effective too. Cloud systems are often much cheaper than traditional telephony when it comes to the initial expense and ongoing costs.

3. Scalability

As your business grows, your cloud voice services can grow with you. You can easily scale up with cloud telephony by easily managing users, devices and locations with minimal cost and overheads. Hosted servers and solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes. Each plan can be tailored to your exact needs which means you are only paying for what you needed.


4. Reliability

Experience greater business continuity with cloud voice services, with no disruption to services from unexpected events such as snow or floods or recent events such as the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses that had embraced cloud voice services have easily kept their workforce connected by enabling them to just pick up their phones from their desk and plug them in from home. Allowing employees to carry on working from the same phone numbers and use the same internal phone extensions that they would have from the office.

5. Flexibility

Cloud telephony has most definitely made flexible working what it is today. As calls are routed through the internet, it means your business can give your employees the choice to work and operate from different locations at any given time safe in the knowledge that you are fully connected. This is imperative in the modern age of flexible working.

Why choose cloud voice services now?

One of the main reasons why many businesses are now looking to move to cloud voice services is through necessity. In 2020 BT will stop supporting ISDN, and by 2025 it will no longer be available. Many businesses appreciate and acknowledge the importance of moving with the times, staying competitive in the digital world not only enhances the positioning for your business, it allows you to streamline internal processes. If this is something you wish to discuss in further detail, get in touch for more information.

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