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4 questions you need to be asking your St Austell IT support specialist

1. Are there any software updates that need to be installed? 
A good IT support specialist should make sure your software is always up to date. However, if you’re not sure whether your systems are kept updated, it’s worth asking the question to make sure your IT systems are working as efficiently as possible. Outdated software and systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and will place your Cornwall-based business at serious risk.

2. Is our software still going to meet business needs in a few years’ time? 
When consulting with your IT service provider, it’s important to let them know the aims of your business so they can recommend the best solutions for you. If you need systems that can scale with your business and protect multiple users, or store growing amounts of data, your IT support specialist will need to know this information to provide the most relevant solutions.

3. Is our hardware robust enough to scale with our business? 
Having quality software solutions provided to your business is all well and good, but if your hardware doesn’t have the capabilities to run them properly, there’s no point having that software in the fist place. If you’re thinking about upgrading your software, ask if your current hardware will be robust enough to run it whilst also being able to scale with your business. This will give you peace of mind that there will be no issues if new software is installed.

4. Should we move our data to the cloud?
If your business wants to accommodate remote workers, but you’re worried about having all of your business’ data in the cloud, you should consult with your IT support provider as they will have worked with a number of different businesses that have opted for different set-ups. Your provider should talk through the different options for storing data, and work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution.

If you’re a business in St Austell or the surrounding area, and you’re having difficulty getting answers to the questions you’re asking your IT support provider, chat to our friendly and experienced team who can offer their advice and opinions based on your business’ needs. Feel free to call us on 03300 535 730 or email